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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  November 22, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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driveway. but now police say some burglars could have access to hold records of the contra costa county times. >> reporter: no secrets how burglars try it guess who is out of town for the holiday. they have stopped delivery of the paper when they are gone. >> i have done the vacation hold and it works. sometimes it works. sometimes it doesn't. >> reporter: now police warn criminals might have access to the vacation hold records from the contra costa county times and could be using that to burglarize your home. >> it broadcasts you are going a be gone and they know the start dates and end dates. >> reporter: any idea how they get this information? >> no. >> reporter: police got the warning from other law
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enforcement agencies and they are looking into the issue. but investigators saw this before. they say there is an easy alternative to putting a vacation hold. >> have a neighbor that will bring your mail and newspapers inside. >> reporter: we couldn't reach anyone with the contra costa county times. they now rely on a neighbor to pick up their paper when they are out of time. >> that way it is in the house safe. >> reporter: despite the new concerns, police say using common sense is your best defense, turning on a light and not leaving out items like garbage cans. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. police are investigating a string of smash and grabs. people found this, car windows smashed. you can see here the dashboard ripped apart in this suv.
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police received 5 reports but can't say if anything was taken. at this point police have no suspects. man was shot and skilled last night -- killed last night. jose rivera estrada was found lying on the sidewalk about 9:30 p.m. he was pronounced dead. the suspect or suspects took off in the victim's car. jose rivera estrada was a cook and may have been on his way home after leaving work. police and the chp are investigating a bizarre shoot out on 580. last night passengers in two cars fired shots at each other. officers found shell casings and two abandon cars covered in bullet holes. >> fortunately no indant bystanders were hit -- no bistandards were hit. >> no gun shot victims turned
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up at any hospitals. police have several good witnesses and that people can call in tips anonymously. the former president of the school board made a statement. he stepped down november 7 after winning reelection. that same day he bowed out to discuss a lawsuit filed by a student. she is suing for failing to stop years of sexual abuse by two of her teachers in the 1990s. two of his relatives spoke on behalf of one of the teacher when the teach -- teachers when the teacher was sentence. he said it was a painful decision and my reasons were personal. five police officers are honored for their life saving actions during a fire. the officers went into the burning apartment complex may 3 to get people out. 19 people were displaced but no
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one was hurt. crowds are gathering right now with two hours left to wait till the door buster deals start. ktvu's jade hernandez is live where the line is forming for the big black friday discounts. jade? >> reporter: this isn't for the weak. the first person in line camped out for 36 hours and he still has 6 more hours to go. >> reporter: to camp out or not to camp out. >> this is my second year. i would do it again. >> reporter: he is all about saving $200. >> 14-inch, like, you know, lcd. >> reporter: same for these men. >> tv. yeah. i am crazy. >> definitelywork it. this is the -- definitely worth it. this is the best deal.
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>> reporter: shoppers here less than thrilled they found the lights on. >> crazy they are opening on thanksgiving day. kmart, opening today. i think it is a family time. >> reporter: family time he will be improving after christmas just by sitting in this line. >> it is for my family. my parents. >> trying to buy a tv today. >> reporter: if you thought you could get the deals online, maybe not. many of these items are already sold out. that kmart just closed. but in a few hours, best buy, sears, walmart, target will open their doors on this thanksgiving. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news.
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>> workers at walmart stores are staging another walk out tonight. employees are calling for improved work condition. a spokesman said they offer competitive wages. they plan to strike tonight. other stores will stop work tomorrow. an army of volunteers met a growing need. ktvu's ken pritchett is live where nouns of holiday -- where thousands of holiday meals were served today. >> reporter: we spent this thanksgiving day at st. anthony's where the lines were long and the need this year appears to have been greater. >> reporter: every year at st. anthony's there are new faces and those families that come back year after year. >> very clean. >> reporter: they have been coming to st. anthony's for 7
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years. >> we live in traditional housing program. sometimes it is hard to meet the food. always short on food. >> reporter: st. anthony's will serve 4,000 peoples on this thanksgiving day. the need has increased this year despite an improving economy. >> our folks felt the recession in 2008. they will feel the effects of coming out of it the last. >> reporter: st. anthony's has been providing thanksgiving dinner for 63 years. and a few blocks away at glide memorial church he has been feeding those in need on thanksgiving for 50 years. >> the homeless,less, the poor get their needs met. at least several days of the year. >> reporter: glide memorial church served thousands of meals on this thanksgiving. it is important to give during
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the holidays. they need people's time all year long. >> that is why the volunteers are important. come all during the week of every year. >> reporter: the need may be up but the folks at st. anthony's said the giving exceeded their expectation. in san francisco, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. has a list of charities that need your help this holiday season. look under the hot topics. first numbers from the maximum enforcement period. 50 people were arrested in the bay area since 6:00 p.m. last night. there were no fatalities. statewide, 262 drivers were arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in
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the past 24 hours. compared to 267 in 2011. and there have been 5 fatal crashes. police arrested a suspected car thief. they spotted the man pumping gas in a car that was reported stolen. the man led police on a chase and that ended when the driver hit another vehicle. he faces charges of evading arrest and vehicle theft. two people are dead and 100 more injured following a huge pile up in texas. authorities say foggy driving conditions may have led to the pile up. it happened around 9:00 a.m. this morning. gas tanks were rimmed off -- ripped off 18 wheelers and cars were crushed. 50-100 vehicles were involved. it finally reopened this evening after being closed for 8 hours. israeli troops packed up
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today. they ended the 8 day exchange of fire. two soldiers and 4 civilians were killed. israel launched the campaign to end the rocket fire. both sides are claiming victory. the israel defense force says a man was arrested in connection with a bus bombing yesterday. it injured 24 people hours before the cease fire was declared. the suspect is an arab israeli and was a member of hamas. the weather is beautiful today. but a popular spot is shut down. the contamination lingering at ocean beach. >> people worried about sticker shock. still ahead. >> perfect weather for your thanksgiving. the fog will be a concern.
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where we could have fog tomorrow morning and the neighborhoods that will hit the 70-degree mark. >> we know many of you are traveling so download our app and take us with you when you go. you will get traffic, weather and breaking news anytime, anywhere you go.
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fire investigators are looking into whether a fire at a beauty shot was deliberately set. it broke out about 4:00 a.m. this morning. firefighters say there was a fire at this same business back in september. no one was hurt this morning.
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>> beachgoers ignored warnings at ocean beach. heavy rain overwhelmed the sewer main tuesday night. sand has to dry before it could be taken away. >> we are continuing to do water quality testing and once the levels come back, appropriate for body contact they will clear the advisory. >> officials are waiting for three days of clear test results which means this beach will stay closed through the weekend. we are learning that it was muni metro equipment that caused a man hole blast. the man hole cover blew off at 11th and howard street. caused a traffic back up. a car accident around the same time sent one person to the hospital was not related. the san francisco international auto show opened on this thanksgiving day.
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ktvu's tom vacar is live in san francisco where one thing everyone wants. >> reporter: consider this, gas prices are the same as they were last thanksgiving. but this year we have just come off a record price spike. >> reporter: scion provided free ride and drives that san francisco international auto show today. high quality and high mileage at a low price. >> from the time we opened there have been people under the tent wanting to take test drives. >> reporter: we asked folks how important mileage is when they consider buying a car. >> very important. especially with the way gas prices are. small car like this, easy to park. fun to drive. very important. light on the wallet. >> reporter: most folks said it is not the deciding factor. >> i don't have drive a lot.
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it is important but not vital. >> depends on the economy. because it seems like gas is more expensive now. like anything it is not number one but it factors into it. >> reporter: other factors, a reasonable balance of vehicle size, quality, utility and price. >> i think it play as big factor. you don't have to compromise, good package. >> making that balance is complex. but for consumers it solidifies choices. >> gas mileage is very important. i am not going to buy a car that takes premium gas. >> reporter: the good news, good mileage for all vehicles has been on the rise since uncle sam began raising standards. reporting live, consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. there is a move to crack
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down on google and other companies with a proposed new law. australian officials say google avoids paying a carpet tax rate by basing it -- carpet tax rate by basing -- corporate tax rate by basing it in another country. the first auction of california's cap and trade pollution permits will generate less money than expected. the first sale only raised $289 million. lawmakers hoped to raise $1 billion by june. there are two more auctions planned in february and may. thousands of people earned their right to extra thanksgiving calories this morning in the south bay.
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>> the turkey trot drew 25,000 runners. there were serious runners and the folk whose took part in the costume contest. all of the money raised go to three different charities. >> people less fortunate, always like to help. every little thing we can do. nice to help. >> participates were also encouraged to bring canned food. officials say they will rebuild their port to with stand a tsunami. the japanese earthquake triggered a tsunami. they will spend $54 million to rebuild. they will extend 16 feet above the water so it won't rip off the docks. just perfect weather today across the bay area. lots of sunshine. felt mild out there with
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temperatures back up to the mid- 60s. we will warm things up as we head into friday. right now, a few high clouds moving into the state. we will look at the -- the bay area right now. partly cloudy skies. nothing too major. current numbers cooling off. currently in the low 50s around 52-55 degrees. forecast headlines, we have this, fair skies. tomorrow, patchy morning fog. more sunshine and this weekend it will be dry. temperature comes down a notch. but these are just minor changes. tomorrow morning, over night lows, 30s showing up around santa rosa, napa. san francisco 47. livermore cold around 40 degrees. here is the big weather picture, storm track to the
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north of northern california. patchy morning fog. rainfall and the atmosphere stabilized. patchy fog forms. the real fog towards the central valley, watching out for that. into the afternoon, more sunshine. dry weather pattern and temperatures up into the 60s. a few neighborhoods around 70 degrees. lake tahoe, looks good. over night lows in the 20s. day time high in the 50s. high clouds friday, it will be dry as the storm heads to the north. here is a look at the numbers for friday. temperatures up from today. warmest locations 69 to the lower 70s. santa cruz, 72. san jose 68 degrees. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view,
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temperatures come down a little bit for saturday and sunday. we will thicken up the clouds by monday and tuesday. good news, beautiful this weekend. lots of sunshine out there. >> end of november and it 72. >> we will take it. thank you. tonight on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36, lined up for hours, some days. but the black friday turn out this year isn't expected to be as big as year's past. >> a different kind of drive. that story still ahead. join us for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. thanksgiving football. sports is next. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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fred joins us now with san francisco football tradition on thanksgiving. >> the good old -- turkey bowl, spreading the wealth around. earlier this month, they beat mission in to submission, 42-14 but it was different today in the turkey bowl.
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the mustangs were 10-1. the mission bears come back from a 14-0 deficit. when number 4 dives in for a touchdown, bears take a lead. the quarterback finds number 3, his big 60-yard play. sets up the touchdown plunge. 23 seconds left. mustangs score. that is it. from the mr. go to guy. they win the city section championship 22-21 over the mission bears. san jose bull dogs brought their undefeated record into the big bone game today at the san jose city college. san jose high, a ball just -- just sitting there. somebody pick it up. finally cruz. watch him down the field. across the field. 60 yards. down to the 5-yard line.
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lions beat the bull dogs 55-13. both schools finish with 9-1 records. dallas cowboys are the most recent believers in the new star power of rg3. washington spent thanksgiving in dallas today and robert griffin iii adds more big plays to his resume. a 60-yard touchdown. robert griffin iii completes 20- 28 passes. 4 touchdowns and a pick. washington scores 28 points in the 2nd quarter. this is rg3's pass to pierre garcon for another 59-yard score. redskins win in dallas 38-31. both teams are 5-6. lions lost their 9th straight thanksgiving game today, hosting houston. justin forsett. they thought he was done but nobody blows a whistle so he
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runs for the touchdown. the coach threw a red flag to challenge the call but it is not a challengeable play but he isn't down. both teams missed field goals in over time. texans get a second chance. sneaking in a 32-yarder. houston wins. st. mary's men beats drexel. that is sports for this thanksgiving day. >> thank you. the martinez rover made a -- the mars rover made a big discovery. a nasa scientists says the find is for the history books. the rover made the discovery. it examines the soil for water and other evidence of life. nasa could release the details as soon as two weeks from now. into their work,
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their name on the door, and their heart into their community. small business saturday is a day to show our support. a day to shop at stores owned by our friends and neighbors. and do our part for the businesses that do so much for us. on november 24th, let's get out and shop small.


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